Replacement Outdoor Furniture Slings
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Phifer Orchid

Orchid - KCA 42x14
Name  Phifer Orchid
Number  KCA 42x14
Pattern  Solid
Usage  Indoor / Outdoor
Warranty  1 Year
$27.95  (per linear yard)

Phifer's Orchid: Bold Fabric for Stylish Patio Sling Revamps

Bask in the grandeur of the Orchid fabric from the esteemed Phifer collection. This exceptional piece of artistry is a high-quality Vinyl coated acrylic material, sporting an invigorating hot pink shade that captures the eye. It has a vivid presence, akin to the vibrant hues of a tropical sunset over the balmy Caribbean beaches, immediately transporting you to a blissful, relaxing paradise.

The Orchid fabric possesses a distinct woven texture that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Its solid color profile breathes new life into patio furniture, making it the perfect option for those looking to replace worn-out or old patio slings. Unleash the vibrant spirit of summer with Orchid's bold hot pink, a testament to Phifer's commitment to aesthetic excellence.

Feel the joyous rush of a lively garden party or a cozy evening spent outdoors with friends and family, all year round. The Orchid fabric's rich color provides an uplifting and festive mood, making your patio an inviting place of retreat. Phifer's Orchid transforms your patio furniture into a charming spectacle of style and comfort.