Replacement Outdoor Furniture Slings
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Sling Measuring Instructions

Custom Sling Ordering Information:
Slings made according to customer specifications cannot be returned or refunded because the materials cannot be reused, so be sure that you take your measurements as accurately as possible before ordering your replacement sling. Please follow our instructions on measuring slings exactly as they are described below. Our system accepts measurements in 1/8 inch increments. Round your measurements off to the nearest 1/8 inch and do not add to or reduce the sizes any further.

Important Sling Measuring Information:
Do not remove your sling material from the frame or loosen your frame rails before taking measurements. The sling material must be tightly secured to the sling frame in order to obtain the correct measurements for ordering. For the purpose of getting the correct length measurements, only measure slings that are still installed on the furniture frame, even if the sling material is ripped, torn or cut. Do not measure a sling that has been removed from the sling frame as you will surely get an incorrect measurement. When measuring the width, measure the distance between the sling rail slot on each side of the frame. DO NOT add any measurements for the retainer rod or seams as this will cause your sling to be too loose. The following pictures will help illustrate the steps you need to take in order to obtain the proper measurements for submitting to

How To Measure Patio Slings

Step 1 - Measuring the top width
How to measure the top width of a sling
Most patio sling assemblies have a rail on each side of the frame with an opening or channel for the material and retainer rod to slide into. You will need to measure from the center point of the opening on one frame rail to the center point of the opening on the other frame rail as indicated in the image using a flexible cloth or plastic tape measure measure from the center of one sling rail to center of the opposite sling rail. Remember, our system only accepts measurements in 1/8 inch increments so your measurements to the nearest 1/8 inch. We will add any necessary sizes to allow for sling rod pockets and seam allowances.
Step 2 - Measuring the bottom width
How to measure the bottom width of a sling
Repeat the same method as detailed above for the bottom width of the patio sling. Never use the same measurements for the top and bottom of the sling as they are almost always different. Remember only to measure the distance from the center one sling rail opening to the other and round the measurement to the nearest 1/8 inch.

DO NOT add to any of the measurements. This will be done by after we receive your order.
Step 3 - Measuring the sling length
How to measure the length of a sling
When measuring the length of the sling begin at one end of the sling rail and measure to the other end of the same sling rail, following the shape and curve of the rail, to get the overall length.

DO NOT add to this measurement for the top and bottom seam as this will be done by after we receive your order.
Step 4 - Measuring two piece slings TWO PIECE SLINGS:
Two piece chair and chaise lounge slings require 6 seperate measurements per sling frame, 3 sizes for the seat sling and 3 sizes for the back sling. You can use the same method as described above for measuring chair and chaise sling frames with seperate seat and back slings as it is essentially the same concept.

One piece chaise cushions require a length measurement for the seat sling rails and one for the folding back sling rails as well as measurements for both the top width and bottom width of the sling.
* Disclaimer SLINGS CANNOT BE RETURNED is not responsible if the measurement you submit are incorrect for any reason. Please review our sling measuring guide carefully before measuring your slings. Be sure that your old sling is not baggy, sagging or loose and that the rails holding the sling material are secured tightly to the sling frame. DO NOT measure loose slings that have already been removed from the frame. does not recommend ordering replacement slings for furniture that is made with spreader bars or sling rails that are fixed or welded to the frame and cannot be removed or adjusted during the installation process. Slings ordered from will be made too narrow for these types of furniture frames. Furniture frames with fixed or welded sling rails or spreader bars require specialty tooling and equipment to safely and correctly install replacement slings. is not liable for ripped slings or damaged furniture if installation is attempted on furniture frames with fixed or welded sling rails or spreader bars.