Replacement Outdoor Furniture Slings
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Sunbrella Collect Charcoal

Collect Charcoal - 50203-0003
Name  Sunbrella Collect Charcoal
Number  50203-0003
Pattern  Solid
Usage  Indoor / Outdoor
Warranty  1 Year
$31.95  (per linear yard)

Sunbrella Collect Charcoal: Patio Elegance Reimagined

Introducing Sunbrella Collect Charcoal, a luxurious fabric crafted to elevate your outdoor space with its mesmerizing striated pattern of greys. The unique design conjures images of foggy mornings along the Pacific Northwest coastline, where the calm waves gently caress the rocky shores. Let the soothing hues of Collect Charcoal transport you to a place of solace and tranquility in your own backyard oasis.

The woven texture of this solution-dyed acrylic fabric exudes an air of sophistication and artisanal charm. As you run your fingers across the surface, the tactile sensation tells stories of earthy elements and timeless elegance. Trust in the Sunbrella brand's commitment to quality and durability as you choose Collect Charcoal for your patio furniture slings.

Sunbrella Collect Charcoal is the ultimate choice for patio sling replacement, effortlessly blending style, durability, and emotional resonance. Breathe new life into your outdoor retreat with this captivating fabric, and let your patio furniture embody the serene beauty of nature's finest landscapes.