Replacement Outdoor Furniture Slings
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Sunbrella Way Melon

Way Melon - 6724-0005
Name  Sunbrella Way Melon
Number  6724-0005
Pattern  Solid
Usage  Indoor / Outdoor
Warranty  1 Year
$28.95  (per linear yard)

Sunbrella Way Melon: The Ultimate Patio Sling Fabric

Embrace the warmth of the tropics with Sunbrella's Way Melon fabric. This enchanting deep melon hue instantly transports you to an idyllic Caribbean island, where the sun kisses your skin and the vibrant colors of nature surround you. The Way Melon fabric sets the stage for a rejuvenating and inviting outdoor space, perfect for those long summer days.

Sunbrella's Way Melon is crafted from PVC coated acrylic, making it an ideal choice for replacement patio slings. This durable material is designed to withstand the elements, while maintaining its rich color and supple texture. Your patio will be transformed into an oasis of relaxation and comfort, as the Way Melon fabric evokes the laid-back vibes of a tropical paradise.

The magic of the Way Melon fabric lies in its ability to inspire feelings of joy and tranquility. Its luscious color palette reflects the rich hues of a seaside sunset, while its durability ensures years of enjoyment. Bring the essence of a tropical getaway to your patio with Sunbrella's Way Melon fabric, and create an outdoor space that truly feels like an extension of your home.