Replacement Outdoor Furniture Slings
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Replacement Chaise Sling

One Piece

In this step you will need to adjust the chaise sling sizes to conform to your chaise frame. Use the size selectors below to adjust the sling sizes to the nearest 1/8 inch. Make sure to measure for any differences between the seat width and back width of the sling as they are most likely different sizes.

Back Width
Back Length

Seat Length

Seat Width
 Measuring Guide
Selected Dimensions
Chaise Sling Sizes
Seat LengthSeat WidthBack LengthBack Width
46″20″26″20″ does not recommend ordering replacement slings for furniture that is made with spreader bars or sling rails that are fixed or welded to the frame and cannot be removed or adjusted during the installation process. Slings ordered from will be made too narrow for these types of furniture frames. Furniture frames with fixed or welded sling rails or spreader bars require specialty tooling and equipment to safely and correctly install replacement slings. is not liable for ripped slings or damaged furniture if installation is attempted on furniture frames with fixed or welded sling rails or spreader bars.